RayFire for Unity

RayFire is a plugin which allows you to infinitely demolish or slice 3d objects in Runtime over and over as well as preshatter them to pieces in Edit mode.
Also RayFire provides Advanced Dynamic Simulation Control over your simulated objects and demolished fragments like activating them at the moment you need. It allows to shoot, explode and affect by Wind and Vortex forces, Record simulation in Editor and play in Runtime.

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– Discord channel

Feature list:

Simulation Types:
– Dynamic. Object will be affected by gravity, will start fall down and it will be possible to affect on it by other simulated objects.
– Sleeping. Object will freeze in air until first collision, then it will start behave as Dynamic object.
– Inactive. The object will freeze in the air and will not be affected by gravity, it can be affected by other simulated objects but it will not start to fall down until it will be activated. After activation object will start behaving like a Dynamic object.
– Kinematik. The object will affect other objects but will not be affected anyhow by any other object. The object can be activated and start behaving like a Dynamic object.

Object Types:
– Mesh. Simulate object using it’s Meshfilter’s mesh in Mesh Collider.
– Skinned Mesh. Allows demolishing SkinnedMesh objects.
– Nested Cluster. Simulate object using all it’s children Meshfilter’s meshes as one solid concave object. At demolition Cluster will detach every child and start to simulate them on their own. If a child is a root for other children with meshes after demolition it will be considered as Nested Cluster as well.
– Connected Cluster. Simulate object using all it’s children Meshfilter’s meshes as one solid concave object. At demolition Cluster will detach fragments at the contact point while the rest of the fragments will stay as the solid clusters. At every demolition cluster checks itself for connectivity and if it detects that some groups of fragments are not connected together anymore they will start to simulate as separate Connected Clusters.

Demolition Types:
– Runtime. Demolishes object in runtime relative to collision point. Supports Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android platforms.
– Reference Demolition. Swap demolished object to predefined reference which can be another scene object, cluster, prefab or FBX asset. Can be used on any platform.
– Precache. Prepare fragment meshes in Awake or Manually and create fragments at demolition.
– Prefragment. Prepare fragments in Awake or Manually and keep them deactivated until demolition.
– Precached Prefab. Prepare fragment meshes Manually, store them in serializable format to make it possible to store all data in Prefab asset and create fragments at demolition.

Fragment Types:
– Voronoi. Low poly, convex, physics friendly fragments.
– Splinters. Low poly, convex, stretched along one axis.
– Slabs. Low poly, convex, stretched along two axes.
– Radial. Low poly, convex, creates radial fragments pattern.
– Slice. Slice object by planes.
– Tetrahedron based fragments.

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