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RaindropFX Pro 2.0

Download RaindropFX Pro 2.0 FREE Unity. 

Versions for different rendering pipelines: HDRP
*The post-processing stack (v2) must be installed before you can use RaindropFX Pro*

RaindropFX Pro – Easy to use realistic camera lens raindrop animation effects.

• Standard (Deferred and Forward) rendering pipeline in Unity 2018.2+;

• deeply integrated with Post Processing Stack (v2);
• post effect of the falling drops on the camera lens;
• raindrops animation based on physics;
• wind turbulence support;
• radial wind for driving simulation;
• simulate colored liquids;
• dynamic wipe effect;
• create screen fog effect and interactive with waterdrops naturally;
• object space supported (add raindrop to object surface);
• batch image renderer (add raindrop to your video sequence);
• custom raindrop texture supported;
• all source code is included, so you can customize it for yourself.

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