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Ragdoll dismemberment system

Download Ragdoll dismemberment system Free Unity. 

This system allows dismembering any skinned mesh without additional preparation in external 3D software.
– This system is suitable for games with suit customization (when the character consists of several skinned meshes, that can be equipped/unequipped in runtime).
– LOD group auto-duplication for fragments (if the skinned mesh has LOD group)
– Hierarchical dismemberment (a dismembered arm can be dismembered again in the elbow joint)
– Supports any kind of ragdoll (human, robot, animal, etc.)
– Effects customization (broken electronics for robots, green meat for aliens, etc.)

Contains an example scene with configured human and dog.

Known limitations:
– System doesn’t work on WebGL platform as it uses multithreading for dismembering operations.