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Racing Project Kit

Download Racing Project Kit Free Unity. 

RPK is a complete racing project that features 3 game modes, full game UI, minimap, track creator, real-time positioning, mobile support, and much more It’s coded in C# and there are PDF/video guides.

Racing Project Kit

by SpinMotion

Asset Unity Forum thread

This Project includes the features of the following SpinMotion assets:

-Racing Starter Kit

-Racetrack Creator Kit

Buying this asset will give you a 50% discount on Racing Project Kit Openworld

Tested in Unity 2018.4.8f1, 2019.4.11f1 and 2020.3.7f1 versions. NOTE: any version earlier than 2018.1 won’t work properly.

Test the Demo | Read the Documentation

Extra video Documentation:

Custom Cars & Physics Tutorial Video | Custom Tracks Tutorial Video

Main Features:

3 game modes: Race Mode, Time Trial, and Split-screen.

Real-Time Positioning System: Each car works as a distance meter from the last passed checkpoint.

The project supports up to 99 AI bots in a scene, adding new bots takes only four easy steps that you can check in the PDF documentation. By default in the project 13 AI cars are in scene.

AI Waypoint: Create the AI route with a really easy system by only using boxes.

Full Racing UI: Laps, race time, position, minimap, pause menu and start race countdown.

Complete Project Menus: Main menu, Play menu and Settings menu.

Sequentiality Checkpoint System: Counts the laps once that you passed all the checkpoints.

Player Prefs Management: Delete all player data or add money for testing purposes.

Mobile Support: Controls on-screen, compatible with Android & iOS. Try the Android APK here.

Settings Menu: Change the audio volume, graphics quality and resolution or delete all data.

Camera Views: There are 3 different cameras, change them with C or V for player 2 in split-screen. Only one parent with 3 cameras is used for all the cars of the player.

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