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Racing Game Template

Download Racing Game Template Free Unity

Note: RGT 2.0 is currently in development, this version’s price has been reduced until it’s released. IK Driver will be the new base vehicle controller used in the remake and is unlocked as a free upgrade with the purchase of this asset.

Racing Game Template is easy to work with, edit the vehicle prefabs by changing the models and any other desired settings. Edit the race scene by replacing the environment and track with your own, then layout the waypoints that can be auto-generated from the scene manager. Finally, use the project editor window to make any additional changes and you are finished. From here you can continue to build your unique game-play designs and features using all the tricks in your own toolbag!

Racing Game Template will give you a powerful framework that can save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in framework design. NO DLLs – Full C# Source Provided.