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QuizApp Trivia Template

Download QuizApp Trivia Template 3.0.1 Free Unity

QuizApp is a remarkable lightweight template with a wide array of features.

Major features:

◆ In-built localization manager – QuizApp 3.0 brings an all-new localization manager. You can now support multiple languages in a single trivia application. A first on the Asset Store.

◆ Admob Ads – Earn money from your app with Admob Interstitial and Rewarded Ads. (Android and iOS only).

◆ Category Creation System – Create, edit and delete categories from the new category dashboard.

◆ Web-based Question Editor – Creating and manage your questions easily. Check it out here.

◆ Online, Offline and Hybrid modes – QuizApp ships with an inbuilt download manager. This allows you to host your questions & images on your server and download them when needed during runtime. In offline mode, the questions are shipped in the app, no internet connection is needed. Hybrid mode allows you to combine online and offline modes.