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Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.1

Download Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.1 FREE Unity. 

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Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.2
Quirky Series – Animals Mega Pack Vol.3

✔️ Forty-five (45) animals pack
✔️ Tiny 8×1 px texture [diffuse map only]
✔️ Rigged/Skeleton
✔️ 12 animations + 2 idle variations
✔️ 4 LOD [between 300-9,000 tris]
✔️ Mobile, AR/VR ready
❌ Vertex color
❌ Clean (non-overlapping) UV map

Arctic (9) : Arctic Fox, Ox, Penguin, Polar Bear, Reindeer, Sea Lion, Snow Owl, Snow Weasel, Walrus
Farm (9) : Buffalo, Chick, Cow, Donkey, Duck, Hen, Pig, Rooster, Sheep
Forest (9) : Crow, Eagle, Fox, Hog, Hornbill, Owl, Raccoon, Snake, Wolf
Pets (9) : Cat, Dog, Dove, Goldfish, Mice, Parrot, Pigeon, Rabbit, Tortoise
Safari (9) : Cheetah, Elephant, Flamingo, Gazelle, Hippo, Hyena, Ostrich, Rhino, Zebra

Idle + 2 variations | Walk | Run | Jump
Swim/Fly | Roll | Bounce | Spin
Munch/Peck | Clicked | Fear | Death

Added 3 new Arctic Animals: Arctic Fox, Snow Owl, Snow Weasel
Added 3 new Farm Animals: Buffalo, Pig, Rooster
Added 3 new Forest Animals: Eagle, Raccoon, Snake
Added 4 new Pet Animals: Dove, Goldfish, Mice, Pigeon
Added 3 new Safari Animals: Cheetah, Hippo, Rhino
Added 3 new animations: Jump, Fear, and Death
Added one more LOD (4 in total)
Updated the mesh and rig of some animals
Renamed Deer > Reindeer, Musk Ox > Ox
Added Shader Graph file for URP (Unity 2019.3.0f3 and above)

Removed .3ds file format
Polished the mesh
Added 3 LoD