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QuickBrush – Prefab Placement Tool

Download QuickBrush – Prefab Placement Tool FREE Unity. 

Placing large quantities of prefabs in a game level can be very time-consuming. Enter QuickBrush. QuickBrush combines the speed and convenience of a Photoshop-style brush tool with several useful fine-tuning, masking, grouping and randomization features to make decorating your levels a snap and save you lots of time.

Tutorial/Demo Video

You simply drag & Drop your prefabs into the QuickBrush editor window. Based on the settings you choose through the user-friendly interface, the tool draws from the prefab list and “paints” objects into the scene with a click and drag of the cursor. You can paint, erase, and use a precise individual placement mode, toggling between these functions with simple keyboard shortcuts.


v 1.1.0
-Easy Drag & Drop prefab selection

-Painting / Erasing / Individual Placement Mode

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