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QS Game – Airplane Endless Runner 2D

Download QS Game – Airplane Endless Runner 2D Free Unity. 

This kit “Airplane Endless Runner 2D” is an easily customizable game template and offers all the features needed to create your own high quality, mobile friendly project.

Demo | APK

Also available in game features:
– Mobile friendly.
– Save and load player scores.
– UI canvas and sprite.
– Create obstacles, coins and power-ups.
– Object recycling for obstacles, coins, power-ups, background layers and particle effects for smooth performance on mobile devices.
– Power-ups: life and unbeatable.
– Customizable movement mechanics.
– Custom players (sprites).
– Endless missions.
– Platform mobile (tap) and desktop (ctrl left + mouse click).
– Fully commented code.

Get new graphics with “Composer UI”.
Download Composer UI

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