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QMaze is an easy-to-use maze generator. It’s well-suited for generating random levels.

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– The maze is created using 6 basic (required) and 14 additional pieces
– You can specify which pieces are used in the generation and the frequency of their occurrence
– The maze’s pieces can be of any size
– The maze’s pieces are set in a pack for a simple change of theme
– Each piece can be set by several geometry types for greater variability
– The maze can be generated during the edit-time or the run-time by a code
– Several different mazes can be present in a single scene
– The maze can have entrances (you can specify the exact entry position and its direction)
– Obstacles can be specified (there will be no maze in those areas)
– Mode of generating the maze with the only path
– You can set the generation seed to get specific mazes
– Fixed or randomized starting and finishing blocks can be additionally generated (one or several; the exact position and direction can be specified or it can be random)
– The maze can be generated with geometry or in the form of a maze data array with which you can do whatever you like
– The maze can be generated both synchronously or asynchronously with the ability to receive the current progress of the generation process
– You can sign up for the event of the completion of maze generation, as well as event of generation of each piece
– Three demo scenes are supplied
– C# source code is supplied.