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Download QHierarchy Free Unity. 

QHierarchy is an editor extension that adds several often used functions to hierarchy window:

– Displaying the icon of a GameObject
– Showing / hiding a GameObject
– Locking / unlocking a GameObject
– Prevent selection of locked GameObject
– Displaying tag and layer of a GameObject
– Displaying color label for a GameObject
– Displaying the icon of MonoBehaviour script attached to a GameObject
– GameObject can be showed / hidden only for edit-time, and the visibility state will return during play-time
– Displaying the number of children of a GameObject
– Displaying the number of vertices and triangles of the GameObject (can display the number including all children)
– Change the colors of icons and labels
– Displaying custom icon for any layer
– Displaying custom icon for any tag
– Displaying prefab connection status
– Displaying static flags icon of GameObject
– Displaying the error icon (MonoBehaviour script missing / Reference property is null / String property is empty / Callback of event is missing)
– Displaying icons of all scripts that attached to a GameObject
– Showing / hiding wireframe objects
– Enable / Disable MeshRenderer
– Order of icons can be changed
– Displaying the list of GameObjects in the form of a tree
– Option to add right indent (useful if you use other plugins that add another icons to the hierarchy window)
– Any feature can be disabled
– Source Code Included.