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psai Music Engine Pro

Download psai Music Engine Pro FREE Unity.

psai® is the first dedicated Interactive Music Engine on Unity. It enables you to achieve highly interactive music which adapts automatically to your gameplay, whilst making the process of creating and controlling the music as easy and convenient as possible. No coding required.

• written 100% in C#, full source code included

• psai® Music Engine Pro includes the psai® Editor standalone application (currently only for MS Windows, see bottom of this page)

Video Tutorials
1. How psai works
2. How to build a soundtrack from scratch
3. Integration into your Unity game
4. Unity Extension psai® Editor Light

Manual | API Reference | Unity Forum | Website

The psai Demo Soundtrack is included, and there’s also another FREE demo music package available for download:
psai® 8 Free Music Themes (produced by Dynamedion)

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