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Render 3D objects to look like 2D sprite art, in real time.

ProPixelizer for Unity

Render 3D objects to look like 2D sprite art, in real time.

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✔️ Per-object pixelization: mix scenes of pixelated and unpixelated objects. Individual objects may be pixelated in ‘macropixels’ of up to 5×5 screen pixels in size.
✔️ Per-object outlines: Outlines can be block color or tinted, and controlled separately for each object. Supports both silhouette and normal-based outlines.
✔️ No pixel creep when using orthographic projection.
✔️ Lighting and shadows: including shadows cast between pixelated objects and unpixelated objects.
✔️Compatible with ShaderGraph – just use the provided nodes in your materials (example ShaderGraph asset included).
✔️Per-object color grading and dither patterns – achieve a retro feel by using reduced color palettes. A selection of dither patterns (or no dither) are supported. Editor tools to create dither patterns and palettes.
✔️Compatible with post processing effects, such as depth of field, bloom, vignette.
✔️WebGL support – see the demo on
✔️Unlike other pixelization effects, ProPixelizer keeps the screen rendered at full resolution. This allows pixelated objects to move at screen resolution, without creep. It also allows seamless blending of pixelated and unpixelated objects, and use of high resolution post processing such as bloom and/or depth-of-field.
✔️Works well with low-poly 3D models.