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Project Planner

Download Project Planner FREE Unity. 

What is Project Planner? Imagine something like Trello, but everything is inside the editor and with Unity-specific features. Project Planner is designed to make project management easier so you can focus on game development instead.

Organize Your Work
The core of Project Planner is helping you organize your work into boards, groups, and tasks. A task in Project Planner contains the standard things like a name, description, tags, and colors but it also has some more unique features.

• Assign assets to tasks so they are easier to find again later. When assigned, a task can keep track of the asset even if you rename it or move it around.

• Screenshots on tasks are great for things like bug reports as you can show your future self exactly what is wrong.

• Nested subtasks allows you to split a big task into smaller subtasks which is great for avoiding getting overwhelmed and for following your progress.

Code Analyzing
The code analyzer scans your scripts for words like “TODO”. The results are displayed in the editor with the option to jump to that line or make it into a task.