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Programming Touch Gestures with Unity

Programming Touch Gestures with Unity Free Download

CGCookie – Programming Touch Gestures with Unity

Developing organic and natural feeling gestures can make or break a game’s chances of success. The majority of mobile games require the player to touch the screen and interact with the application. In this course, Alexander Bilz will take you through setting up the Unity Remote app for android devices and teach you how to detect finger gestures such as single and double taps + swipes.
You will start out by learning how to set up the Unity Remote Application for Android. From there you will dive into exploring one finger gestures such as double taps and even swipes. Towards the end of this course, Alexander will show you how to detect two-finger type gestures, rotate, and pinch stretch/zoom gestures.

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to set up a unity remote for Android. Unity Remote is an application for your smartphone and tablet that allows you to test your game while running in play-mode without debugging on to your target device after each change. Due to that, your development process will be speeded up tremendously. In this video, I will show the setup process from scratch. These are the key steps:

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