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Prodigy Game Framework

Instantly start your project with fully functional and scaling Characters that use abilities, weapons, inventories and more!

Prodigy is a Game Framework that provides the foundation you need for your Top Down, ARPG and Hack-N-Slash projects. It’s built from the ground up to be a smart balance between an easy-to-use and highly-scalable so you’ll be taking the ascent to publishing in no time!

Download the Windows Standalone build of the included demo here!

Are you ready?

With Prodigy you’ll be able to design and create a bastion of characters which where can configure stats, level up, hold inventories, change equipment, interact with shops, use skills, swing swords, and travel on whatever path of exile you set them on!

We collaborated with TriForge, ArchanorVFX and Cafofo to bring you a built in demo made with real content from the Asset Store! Enjoy a preview of the Polygon Arsenal special effects kit, the stunning Top Down Fantasy Forest environment pack and the amazing sounds of Cafofo’s audio library.

But wait – there’s more!

Once you own Prodigy and enter the gungeon, you can get a whole bunch of Cleverous assets for free by claiming them on their asset store page! Check them out:

Vault Core, Vault Inventory, Vault Attributes, Zed, Stylized Fantasy Character Pack

The freedom to design your way

Are you tired of digging around the Editor Project Hierarchy gauntlet for your content? Well good news, with Prodigy you can just design everything in the Dashboard and let the runtime components handle the rest! With minimal setup you can have generic or humanoid enemies running with rifles in no time.

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