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Procedural Circular Progress Bar Pro

Satisfy all your circular progress bar needs with this versatile asset for ALL RPs!

WARNING: Updating to version 8.0 will break your progress bars from earlier versions.

NEW: Compound Progress Bars Combine any amount of progress bars into a single progress bar to achieve otherwise impossible shapes!

Easy to Use Simply add the prefab to your scene or add the script to a GameObject and you are good to go! Use pre-made methods to add/remove or set progress in percent or custom values!

Fully Customizable With a total of 61 properties (and more to come), customize your progress bar to your heart’s content. Set various colors, add a border, add noise, add textures, make the progress bar pulse when beyond a certain threshold, and much more.

Segmented! You can set a segment count for your progress bars! You can have no segments or many, depending on your needs. This also affects the progress bar values. So if you have 5 segments, removing 2.5 segments sets your progress bar to half.

Custom Width at any Location Customize the width of your progress bars at any location with the help of a curve!

UI and non-UI Works with SpriteRenderer or Image Components! Completely automatically!