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PRO Military: Customizable FPS Character

Download PRO Military: Customizable FPS Character FREE Unity

Fully animated FPS Character with customizable hands, weapons and textures.

Main features:
– Game-ready
– totally customizable
– Over two hundred animations
– SFX and VFX
– easy Destructible System
– FPS controller
– Demo Scene (fire range)
– 4K textures

PRO Military includes:
– Custom FPS Controller (camera animations, idle noises, head bob, crouch, jumps)
– three completely different Hands injured Meshes (without gloves/fingerless gloved/full gloves) + four skins(sand/moss/night/snow)
– Weapon Set (assault rifle, shotgun, pistol) + attachments + four skins(sand/moss/night/snow) + animations
– Folding Knife + animations
– bomb + animations
– master’s degree kit + animations
– VFX for all guns (smoke, muzzle flash, shells etc.)
– easy Destructible System
– Demo Scene (fire range)
– Sources Files (3DS Max/CAT Rig)

* All video materials was recorded with HD Render Pipeline.