Download Pro GIF Free Unity. 

Pro GIF is the most completed GIF library for Unity. High-performance, handles most of the GIF files, and provides very efficient ways for the integration and management of GIF features for any indie and even commercial projects!

The Pro GIF encoder and decoder are highly optimized and enhanced. Run in threads for better performance and support multiple instances. Our high-performance library lets you record and playback GIFs instantly, no more waiting!

All our codes and examples are carefully designed to provide a clean, easy-to-use package. The Unified APIs allowing you to integrate once, runs on all supported platforms. GIF has never been so easy with Pro GIF series!

*** A simple GIF search app example is included in both ProGIF and Universal versions. The PlayCamera app & GIF Library app in the video is Not included in this asset. (ProGIF Universal is used in our apps, but Pro GIF is also good for apps that heavily use GIFs)

☻ The Ultimate GIF playback and recording solutions.
☻ Pro GIF Advanced Recorder & Decoder, highly customizable settings.
☻ Super fast, multi-threaded encoder.
☻ Super fast decoder, great in performance and compatibility. Decode GIF similar to Chrome, Firefox browser, etc. Plus great functionality provides the best flexibility for handling GIFs.
☻ Ultra-low playback memory footprint. Even for a large number of gif frames decoded and stored in the memory.
☻ Decoder Version 2. Around 10 times faster than decoder V1, or even faster as it is further optimized in our continuous updates.
(Decoder speed: ProGIF V1=100%, ProGIF V2=1000%, Universal V3=1500%)
☻ Supports interlaced GIFs.

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