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Pro Car Paint Shader

Download Pro Car Paint Shader FREE Unity. 

Pro Car Paint Shaders :

All shots are taken inside Unity Editor.

A Physically Based Rendering Shader for Car Paint, Metal And Transparent surfaces shading.

Pro Car Paint Shader allows you to achieve the most Realisticmetallic effect for various surface paints like Glossy,  Matte, Pearlescent, Varnish and Transparent surfaces like Windows, Glass.

Photo-realistic visualizations of Cars, Motors, Planes and any kind of metal related objects

Pro Car Paint Shader is a Complex material with Multi Layered Shader. one after another on top of eachother to achive ultimate results.

Each Layer can be controlled by its Respective Property Tabs. We believe in full User control. We have given every Useful property Open to the user for Rich , Ultimate Variations And Highly Customizable Behavior.

Package contains an editor script that allow you to edit texture (multiply and overide) it to specific color. Usefull for using Prerender Data and Increase the shader Performance.

There are Three shaders each with Multiple Varients included in this package.

The Opaque Shader has
► Base Layer : Contains Base paint and Fresnel Paint
► Albedo with Base Layer as alpha
► Flanks Layer
► Reflective ClearCoat Layer
► Decals/Overlay Layer