Pro Camera 2D – The definitive 2D & 2.5D Unity camera plugin

Download Pro Camera 2D FREE Unity. 

– Over 20 Extensions and Triggers!
– The #1 MODULAR 2D camera solution
– ZERO OVERHEAD on unused features
– FULLY DOCUMENTED and 100% source available
– Hundreds of reviews with an average 5-STAR RATING
– REGULAR UPDATES with new features and fixes
– BATTLE-TESTED on all Unity supported platforms

ProCamera2D is a plugin for Unity that allows you to quickly set-up a camera for any kind of 2D game. It supports all 3 axes (XY, XZ and YZ) and also orthographic or perspective cameras so it works great for all types of 2D & 2.5D games. It’s been built from the ground-up with a strong focus on performance and extensibility, meaning you can use it on all platforms (including older mobile phones) and if for some reason the included extensions/triggers don’t entirely fit your game you can easily extend it to fit your needs.

– Unity 2019 Support
– Timeline integration

– Perspective and orthographic modes
– All axes support (XY, XZ, YZ)
– Follow smoothness >>DEMO
– Multiple targets >>DEMO
– Dolly Zoom >>DEMO

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