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Premium Telegram Channel

We were getting tons of confused messages related our newly created Premium Telegram Channel. Therefore! We are posting to make things crystal clear, We started Premium channel to help out people who donates, In short this premium channel will give you tons of benefits, will get back to that benefit later on in this post. Before that, we just want to clarify one simple thing, It’s a monthly subscription to get access to our huge library with unlimited downloads plus without any limits, it will cost you 2 cup of coffees.

Why we started? Well! we always needed donation to make sure it helps this website survive & grow. Realized people hardly donates for obvious reasons, so thought to get donations by providing more values to you, more benefits. And trust us, We don’t think there is any website that will allow you to let access huge library of assets. If you join our premium channel then you will get these benefits.

  1. Access to our huge library.
  2. Downloads tons of assets that we can’t upload in our website for obvious reasons.
  3. Get access to our premium members assets that also wont be uploaded to our website for long time.
  4. Get unlimited download speed.
  5. No Ads.
  6. One click download, You do not have to even visit our website.
  7. Asset request might get accepted sooner.
  8. Telegram Chat Support
  9. We added two membership plan for now, you can choose accordingly.
  10. Bonus feature you won’t think we would add.
  11. Get up to 70 complete projects worth, ah! can’t even count the price 😉

Note: We were getting tons of confused messages regarding how to access assets after donating, Although we already mentioned everything once you donate ( you will get txt file ), if you guys still confused then let us know, we will sort it out all. Anyway! in brief, Once you donate for membership or claim premium, you do not have to come here for asset, just contact us via telegram channel ( Link mentioned in txt file after you claim for assets ) we will send you the asset right away.

This is high time you guys help us in this and we will make sure you wont regret your decision. Feel free to contact us. We will answer your query ASAP. Hope this will clear all your doubts and we won’t get any confused messages but donations 🙂 Love you guys! you are wonderful, because of you people we are here now.

Option 1. Donate Here: Click here please & Join our membership

Step: After getting redirected please click on membership tab as you would see Support tab first, there you will find join button, click on that button and you are good to go as shown in an image below.