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Powerslide Kart Physics

This is the most straightforward solution for achieving smooth, responsive kart physics. Familiar mechanics including jumping, drifting, and turbo boosting are all here, along with limited item/powerup support and basic waypoint AI.

Three common boost modes are featured, including Drift Auto, Drift Manual, and Manual.

Drift Auto is the most common kind, rewarding karts with boost following successful drifts. Boost amount given is indicated by sparks coming from the rear wheels.

Drift Manual is a little more technical, requiring the press of a secondary button once the boost meter has filled to a certain amount, but not all the way. The drift meter fills while drifting, and several boosts can be performed during a single drift.

Manual is the most simple type, acting like standard boost in racing games with a typical boost meter. Drifting fills up the meter, but boost can be used any time by holding down the boost button.

Two item types are supported out of the box: projectile items and turbo items. Four example items are included, these being the trap, bouncer, homing item, and turbo boost.

Rudimentary waypoint-following AI is included, but this is mainly for demonstration purposes.

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