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Power Inspector

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This isn’t simply one more custom editorial manager – Power Inspector is a complete rework of the Unity inspector!

Power Inspector fixes the agony purposes of your old inspectors and with no compelling reason to coordinate it to your code! This is a genuine must-have for everybody working with Unity.

⚡ More than 100 enhancements to the inspector experience!

⚡ More than 100 improved drawers!

• Forum – Have new element thoughts or any inquiries? Tell us here.

• Documentation – Complete documentation on all the highlights.

• Issue Tracker – Report bugs here so they can get fixed as fast as could reasonably be expected.


☑ Plug and Play

Making Power Inspector work in fitting and-play style has been a top need – simply open the Power Inspector window and you’re good to go.

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☑ Seamlessly Integrated

Power Inspector is so all around coordinated it feels like a local piece of the supervisor. It is easy to do the switch, however very soon you can’t envision working in Unity without it!

☑ Highly Compatible

Full similarity with most other Unity augmentations including Odin Inspector, Peek and Hierarchy PRO!

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☑ Goodbye Editors, Hello Drawers!

Power Inspector is based on the power of all-new nestable drawers. These shut the firm Custom Editors of the old town, making it simple to expand and remix existing drawers with astonishing adaptability.

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☑ Customizable Toolbar

An assortment of new work process boosting activities is present in every case directly readily available. Adding your catches to the toolbar is extremely basic as well.

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☑ Search Box

Simply type in a couple of letters and promptly find precisely what you’re looking.

Working with records containing a large number of things has never been this simple!

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☑ Split View

Appreciate easy performing various tasks without hopping to and fro between targets.

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☑ Back And Forward Buttons

Back and forward catches at long last consistently coordinated into the inspector.

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☑ Copy-Paste Any Field

Anything you can find in the inspector presently underpins duplicate glue.

Vector3 fields? Check.