Power GIF Runtime Libary + GIPHY API

Download Power GIF Runtime Libary + GIPHY API FREE Unity. 

Power GIF is the best GIF solution for Unity available on the Asset Store!
I’ve created this asset for my app Pixel Studio, so you can try it using the link.

There are 3 levels of usage difficulty:
● SIMPLE. Simple decoding/encoding operations. Simple call, simple result. But Unity may freeze on large files.
● ADVANCED. Encoding/decoding with iterators allows you to display a progress bar. It’s recommended for large files.
● REACTIVE. Parallel encoding/decoding with threads allows you to greatly speed up a performance.

● Decoding GIF
● Encoding GIF
● Iterators for displaying a progress bar
● Parallel encoding/decoding with threads
● Converting True Color images to 8 bits with master palettes
● Displaying GIFs with AnimatedImage component
● Downloading GIF from WWW
● Quick GIF preview
● GIPHY upload
● A lot of examples
● Clean and simple C# code
● Unity 2018, 2019+ support
● Unity uGUI
● Any platform (Standalone, Android, iOS, WebGL)

● Power GIF currently doesn’t support adaptive palettes for converting True Color images to 8 bits. This means that final GIF colors may differ from original colors.
You can download demo APK to check my asset on a real device.

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