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Post Processing Ultimate

Download Post Processing Ultimate FREE Unity. 

Post Processing Ultimate – Visual scripting tool for creating custom post processing effects. PPU was designed to do this one specific task, that’s why it has a lot of unique features and it’s great for advanced users. That’s why it’s so good at it.

Thanks to a simple UI and easy tutorials, it gives opportunity to people without any coding experience to build advanced shaders fairly quickly and seamlessly. Depth, animations, special textures and other functionalities are within just a few clicks only.



Q: Will this package work with my project?
A: Effects included in this package are just normal, custom Post Processing Stack v2 effects. The best way to determine if it’s going to work, is to install the Post Processing Stack v2 and then check included, standard effects.

Q: Will this package work with Built-in Render Pipeline?
A: Post Processing Stack v2 was meant to work with Built-in Render Pipeline. And it’s still supported even on Unity 2020 version.

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