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Post Apocalyptic Destroyed Buildings

Compatible with URP, HDRP and Built-in out of the box.

This package contais 93 prefabs that allows you to build completely devastated cities, making it an excellent choice for post apocalyptic and war themed games.

Some of the building have interiors (only the ones that are not destroyed), the doors and other details like air conditioning and eletric boxes are not part of the same mesh as the building, they are child objects. This allows you to add/remove/replace them to create more building variations.

The ensure the best performance, each object comes with 3 LODs, which drastically improves the framerate by reducing the polycount of buildings that are far away. Also, each building has only 1 material, lots of objects even share the same material, this contributes a lot for draw calls optimization.

All the FBX files are included, this means you can import them to your 3D software and make modifications and adjustments if necessary.