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Portals for VR

Also for non-VR projects. Recursive Portals Built for URP and Single Pass Multiview VR compatible. Portals can be traversed without a single glitch in VR through walls.

Built for VR but perfect for non-VR Desktop and Mobile projects as well.

This is for the URP pipeline, tested from Unity 2020.3.36 all the way to 2022, do not buy it if you’re using the standard renderer. Check the documentation regularly for the last updates.

Documentation here

Youtube channel with demo material and tutorials

An example APK for Quest 2

Fully working scene preview, easily modify the Shadergraph materials.

Shaders supports animated transparency, animated refraction for some really cool effects.

Alpha maps baked into your albedo textures can be used to open up the textured portals as you walk towards them.

Portals are recursive, meaning you can see a portal through another portal through another portal and so on.

Lots of care and attention has been given for portals to be seamless in VR, standing in the center of a portal with 1 eye on the left side and the other on the right works perfectly even with large near clipping values on your camera.