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PopcornFX Cartoon FX Pack

Download PopcornFX Cartoon FX Pack FREE Unity. 

POOF! Splash! Bang! Zap! Wham and Kablooey!

30 high quality ready-to-use, cartoon-stylized particle effects.
Hundreds of customization possibilities.

Explosion, fire, splash water, lightning, smoke, etc… (complete list below) This pack of essential particle effects will facilitate your work of creation:

• Optimized for Mobile and Desktop
• Customizable: color, scale, speed, density
• Made with PopcornFX, the real-time VFX solution which guarantees both better quality and performances.

Free plugin included to integrate them right away in your game.

Moreover, this pack contains:
• A demo scene to view and test all particle effects.
• A packaged release for use in the PopcornFX Editor.

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