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Pool, Trigger, Constrain Bundle

Download Pool, Trigger, Constrain Bundle FREE Unity. 

New pricing from March 2016! Was $59.95. It May is not a permanent change. Save over 25% with this bundle of core, high-performance tools and get your 2D or 3D prototype up and running in no time, and scale to full production without hassle.

* PoolManager: Preload and pool objects for re-use with PoolManager, the most popular and battle-hardened Instance pooling solution.

* TriggerEventPRO: Get easy access and information to and from objects in the range of other objects and construct behaviors using components and events with this robust framework.

* UnityConstraints: Drop on simple behaviors, such as Smooth Look-At (use any axis), Billboard to camera, and Transform (like parenting without the hierarchy) constraints with UnityConstraints.

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