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Polygonal Fantasy Pack

Download Polygonal Fantasy Pack FREE Unity.

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Polygonal Series 3D models are in faceted style. Texture size is small and asset textures remain clear when close up. It will be a good addition to other faceted style environment packs.

Polygonal Fantasy Pack

Polygonal Fantasy Pack is a 3D assets pack with modular 3D characters and environment props in faceted style for your game development.

Customize the look of your fantasy characters with attachable accessories and weapons like pauldrons, necklaces, swords, wands, shields and helmets etc. Change character’s face to create different heroes for your game. Change character’s costumes to give them a different work class like knight, mage and archer! Check out the tutorial images in the preview section to find out how to customize them.

Note that:
1) No script is included in this pack. This is a 3d asset pack only.
2) No character animations are included in this pack. Characters are humanoid mecanim ready. It’s compatible with Maximo animations.
3) Please see preview images and videos to know more about the content.

The demo scenes in the package require the following free assets. Please download and import them into your project.
1) Post Processing Stack
2) Cinemachine
3) Unity’s Standard assets > Character

3D files are in FBX and texture files are in PSD in the package. Additional fee may be required for other files.


What is included in the pack?

– 360 base prefabs ( 3 skin color variation. Male and Female)
– 7 color variations ( silver and gold version each) for costumes.

Male (Number of mesh designs) :
– 18 torso
– 20 bottom
– 6 shoes
– 5 hands
– 10 belts