You are currently viewing POLYGON – Street Racer – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON – Street Racer – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

Download POLYGON – Street Racer – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty Free Unity. 

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Synty Studios™ presents

An Epic Low Poly asset pack of modular vehicles, characters, props, weapons and environment assets to create a Street Racer themed polygonal style game. OVER 1000 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack.

◼ Key Features ◼

– Fully customizable vehicles!

– Openable doors, bonnets (hoods), and boots (trunks)!

– LOADS of vehicle parts and accessories!

– Premade vehicle skins/liveries and pearlescent paint materials!

– Includes a HUGE shipping dock demo scene

– (Character poses indicative only)

◼ Assets ◼

Characters (x15)

– 70s Male, Asian Male, Boy Race Male, Cool Chick Female, Fisherman Male, High Vis Female, Hip Hop Female, Hoodie Male, Jacket Male, Mechanic Female, Mechanic Male, Miniskirt Female, Racer Female, Racer Fan Female, Race Suit (x3) Character Attachments (x38) Beanies (x3), Beards (x5), Earrings (x3), Glasses (x7), Hair (x12), Hats (x4), Helmets (x3)

Vehicles (x15)

– Exotic, Hatch, Motorbike, Muscle, Sedan, Sports, Truck, Ute, Barge, Boat 01, Container Cranes (x2), Tender Boat, Tugboat, Plus 33 Vehicle Presets!

Vehicle Attachments (x423)

– Bumpers, Bonnets (Hoods), Side Skirts, Spoilers, Wheels, Tyres, Engines, Roll Cages, Seats, Steering Wheels, Gear Sticks, Handbrakes, Gauges, Head Units, Speakers, Amps, Turbos, Superchargers, Lights/Light Bars, Nitrous Bottles, Nudge Bars, Antennas, Badges, Bonnet Clips, Exhausts, Number Plates, Pedals, Roof Scoops, Wheelie Bars, etc