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POLYGON Meadow Forest – Nature Biomes – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

For Unity 5.5 to Unity 2020.1

Smart Shadows is a unique tool that helps you dramatically improve your game performance when using real time shadows. Contrary to the default Unity behavior that renders each shadow map, even for far and not visible lights, Smart Shadows automatically and smoothly enable pertinent shadows and disable others, improving a lot your game rendering performance.

With this tool, you will get the best of dynamic shadows, without the performance issues.


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Smart Dynamic Shadow Manager
Smart Shadows is a dynamic shadow manager that automatically and smoothly enables and disables dynamic shadows when you move on the scene. The algorithm chooses which shadows to enable based on a light priority algorithm, which offers a lot of customization to match your needs. This allows to have a lot of dynamic shadows in the scene by automatically enabling only pertinent shadows and disabling others.

For Complex or Simple Lighting
Whether for use in complex lighting with lots of shadows, or simpler lighting with very little active shadows, Smart Shadows will help you manage active shadows to render only pertinent ones.

Highly customizable to your needs
Smart Shadows is flexible and comes with several settings to adapt its behavior to your scene constraints.
• With the Maximum Simultaneous Shadows, lights are sorted by pertinence depending on the player position and the custom light settings, and only the highest priority shadows are activated.
• Set the Maximum Light Influence Distance to activate only the shadows within a given range.
• Set the Light Shadow Importance, and custom Settings, to better control which lights are activated and what happens when their shadow is disabled.

Smooth Fade In and Out
When enabled or disabled the shadows smoothly fade in or out, making the change hardly noticeable by the player, even more when focused on playing.

Reduce Inconsistent Lighting
When enabling and disabling shadows, some changes in the local illumination may become too obvious. Smart Shadows comes with tools to help you reduce those behaviors.• Use the Range and Intensity Reduction to reduce the light illumination when its shadow is disabled, to reduce inconsistent scene lighting.