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POLYGON – Heist Pack

Download Polygon Heist Pack free unity

Synty Studios Presents –
Polygon Heist Pack is a low poly asset pack of characters, props, vehicles, weapons and environment assets to create an action-packed polygonal style game make it easier for the developer in creating stunning low poly games. We have created numerous assets based on low poly demand.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

This pack also includes a demo scene (Character poses indicative only)

Two hundred fifty-one unique assets with x4 alternative texture colours.
Some examples include:
– Modular Interior and Exterior Bank Set
– Modular Bank Vault Set
– Modular Jewelry store Set
– Modular Offices
– Modular Bank Atrium

– 25 Unique Masks
– Interior + Exterior walls x22
– Money Notes + Stacks x 12
– Jewellery x 10
– Vault Door
– Deposit Boxes
– Duffel Bag x5
– ATM Machine
– Bank Signs x3
– Desks + Tables x7
– Chairs + Couches x4
– Plants x3
– Tools x 12
– Ammo Pack x2
– Medkit x2
– Briefcase x2
– Security camera
– Metal Detector x2
– Flags x4
– Tellers Desk
– Panic Button
– Documents x 5
– Second Floor + Balcony Rail
– See screenshots for detailed layouts!