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POLYGON – Boss Zombies

Download POLYGON – Boss Zombies FREE Unity. 

Synty Studios™ presents
POLYGON – Boss Zombies
A low poly asset pack of zombie boss characters, weapons and prop assets to create an apocalypse based polygonal style game.
(Includes a custom shader to allow for changing the blood color and transparency)

◼ Key Features ◼
– 4 Boss Zombies with a custom shader to add blood


◼ Asset Includes – ◼
Character Assets (x4)
– Brute, Blobber, Slobber and Wretch

Prop Assets (x18)
– Car Door, Cigarette, Dumbbell, Flowers, Ham Leg 01, Ham Leg 02, Ham Leg 03, Handbag, Heart Glasses, Rebar Club, Ribbon, Rolling Pin, Scepter, Scooter(Broken), Stop Sign, Tank Barrel, Traffic Lights and Trophy

Character Attachment Assets (x15)
– Brute Hair 01, Brute Hair 02, Brute Rebar, Brute Bandana, Blobber Hair 01, Blobber Hair 02, Blobber Tiara 01, Blobber Tiara 02, Slobber Hair, Slobber FacialHair, Wretch Hair 01 and Wretch Hair 02