You are currently viewing POLYGON – Arid Desert – Nature Biomes – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

POLYGON – Arid Desert – Nature Biomes – Low Poly 3D Art by Synty

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Synty Studios™ presents:  POLYGON – Arid Desert – Nature Biome

Beneath the relentless sun, our 3D Low Poly Arid Desert biomes pack unfolds a tale of desolation and survival.

The landscape, dominated by rolling dunes of unyielding golden sand, stretches endlessly, a canvas of isolation. Vegetation clings desperately to life, their twisted forms casting long shadows in the relentless heat. The sun-bleached colour palette captures the harsh beauty of a world forgotten by rain.

With meticulous detailing in environment materials, textures, FX and props, this asset pack allows you to weave a game narrative of solitude and survival in this unforgiving, arid desert.

Combine with our other Biomes packs and build entire worlds!

Nature Biomes – Season 2:

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Nature Biomes – Season 1:

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POLYGON – Tropical Jungle
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◼ Assets◼

Environment (x113):

Background hills, bushes, cactus, craters, dirt roads, ground cover, lava rivers, lava spread, pool water and plane, rocks, cliffs, pebbles, succulents, sulphur blob and pools, dead trees, bridges, tumble weed

Props (x23):

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