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Poly Universal Pack

The best description is that this pack is Low Poly Ultimate Pack for more detailed, third and first-person games. The goal is to update it regularly for free with new models and create something truly unique. For that, we have partnered with our friends from Tri Pirogy studio to bring the best art possible.

???? I M P O R T A N T

We are starting with this low price but each release will increase the cost significantly.

The first release contains high-quality Nature, Steampunk, Survival, and Primeval models.

— Content —

– 2000+ Prefabs with colliders

– Atlas texture workflow with multiple color variants ready for you.

– Over 150 additional tileable textures

– Awesome inspiration Scenes

– 23 grass textures

– Rigged people characters with Mixamo support

– Great fit with our Low Poly Animated People and Low Poly Animated Animals

– Free monthly updates and releases

– URP and HDRP support watch

– VR/AR ready

– Simple to use, well organized

– No animations

– Scene promo images are rendered in HDRP

— Models —

???? Christmas (x120)

???? Drinks (x8)

????‍???? Farm (x235)

???? Food (x19)

???? Halloween (x78)

???? Modular parts (x597)

Ceilings (x10)
Doors (x20)
Fences (x61)
Floors (x10)
Misc (x19)
Railings (x4)
Roads (x23)
Roofs (x140)
Stairs (x8)
Walls (x311)
Windows (x8)
???? Movie Set (x91)

???? Nature (x277)

Bushes (x21)
Cactuses (x8)
Clouds (x10)
Flowers (x26)
Freshwater (x22)
Grass (x12)
Hedges (x13)
Mushrooms (x8)
Rocks (x25)
Seawater (x125)
Trees (x107)
????‍????‍????‍???? People (x40)

???? Primeval (x105)

???? Sports (x14)

⚙ Steampunk (x469)

Alchemy (x28)
Bathroom Steampunk (x19)
Buildings Steampunk (x31)
Furniture Steampunk (x137)
Library (x47)
Parts Steampunk (x26)
Pipes Steampunk (x45)
Props Steampunk (x87)
Signboard Steampunk (x27),
Trophies (x22)
⛺ Survival (x172)

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