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Poly Few | Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator

Download Poly Few | Mesh Simplifier and Auto LOD Generator Free Unity. 

The performance of any 3d application is highly dependent on the total number of polygons that the GPU has to process per frame in a 3d scene. If you have a complex scene containing high polygon 3d models with a lot meshes that use a lot of different materials, the overall performance of your game will suffer. Poly few is a complete optimization solution for unity that aims to solve this problem by allowing you to optimize high quality complex 3d scenes.

With integrated features like mesh simplification, automatic LOD generation, mesh merging and material combining, you can greatly improve the performance of your game with a few click without the need of writing even a single line of code. Such optimization techniques are especially useful when developing for resource constrained platforms like mobile phones or other low end devices. This can also help eliminate your expenses for artists.

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Supported features:

▓ Mesh simplification, Automatic LOD generation, Mesh combining and Material combining in one package.

▓ Supports mesh simplification on the fly with a powerful runtime API.

▓ No coding knowledge is required. Use the full features of the tool in editor mode without writing even a single line of code.

▓ Supports simplifying both skinned and static meshes as well as meshes with 16 bit and 32 bit index formats.

▓ Supports simplifying complex nested object hierarchies as well as objects with sub-meshes and multiple materials.

▓ Supports combining both Static and Skinned meshes. Even supports combining rigged Skinned meshes and or Skinned meshes with blendshape/morph animations.

▓ Combine Materials using Texture Arrays. Only supports the Standard Shader (Specular and Non Specular setup)

▓ Texture Array based material combiner doesn’t suffer with the common problems of texture atlases like texture bleeding, resolution limitation and no tiled texture support.

▓ Allows mass generation of LODs for multiple selected objects at once.

▓ Preserves texture mappings.

▓ Preserves animations on meshes. Even supports blend shapes.

▓ Options to preserve UV Seams, UV Foldovers and Border Edges.

▓ Allows preserving certain areas of the model up to specified levels, while simplifying rest of the model normally.

▓ Supports animated meshes.

▓ Packs everything in a convenient inspector window that pops up right under the components hierarchy.

▓ Visualize the changes before actually applying them.

▓ Undo / Redo the applied changes per object.

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