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Poly Art: Wolf

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They’re such a lot of superb Low Poly Art Environments, however, is thus unhappy that there’s no wildlife to populate them.. thus here are a few lovely animals! (Wolf)

⭐If you have got one among the Poly Art Animals and you would like them all… you’ll purchase the Poly Art Forest Set and you’ll get three Animals Set for Free!⭐

-⚠ vital Recommendation:⚠ If you have got the plus already on your Project: take away all the files on the Malbers Animations Folder and re-import the assets back once more to avoid Errors with an older script that are not any longer used.
They come with +62 aortic aneurysm Animations.

Includes character controller, and an animator element however you’ll continually produce your own or modify the present one.

This controller includes these Logics: