Poly Art: Deer

Download Poly Art: Deer FREE Unity

They’re numerous wonderful Low Poly Art Environments however is therefore unhappy that there’s no wildlife to populate them.. therefore here are a few lovely animals! (Deer)

⭐If you have got one among the Poly Art Animals and you would like them all… you’ll purchase the Poly Art Forest Set and you may get three Animals Set for Free!⭐

-⚠ vital Recommendation:⚠

For Version under three.0: take away all the files on the Malbers Animations Folder and re-import the assets back once more to avoid Errors with an older script that are not any longer used.



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***Web Demo***

They come with +62 aortic aneurysm Animations.

Includes character controller, and an animator element however you’ll continuously produce your own or modify the present one.

This controller includes these Logics:

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