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Police Station Interior Exterior Kit

Download Police Station Interior Exterior Kit Free Unity. 

Download a playable demo of the Police Department with FPS Controls.

Visit my youtube channel and check out quick trailers and build clips

Soja Exiles is happy to present a police department for your policing needs.

This package contains over 300 prefabs to populate your police department as you see fit. There are two scenes showcasing a small and a larger police department.

The modular build-kit that contains interior and exterior textures so you can build your own building. Scripts and animations are included for all windows, doors and drawers.

Over 140 Modular Interior and Exterior Pieces
• Walls
• Floors
• Ceiling
• Glass Walls
• Metal, Wooden Glass Doors
• Stairs
• Sliding Door
• Windows
• Cubical Dividers
• Pillars
• Trims and Edges
• Queue
• Jail Door