Playmaker Actions for DOTween by Doozy

Download Playmaker Actions for DOTween by Doozy FREE Unity. 

Use the fastest, most efficient and fully type-safe object-oriented animation engine with Playmaker.

Requires Playmaker and DOTween or DOTween Pro to be imported and setup in the project before importing the DOTween Playmaker Actions by Doozy package.

:: 135 DOTween + 22 DOTween Pro Actions

You will have almost all the functionality of the DOTween engine accesible in Playmaker. For DOTween Pro we covered the ‘spiral’ and all the TextMesh Pro actions.

:: Tooltips on everything

If you want to know what a setting does, just hover your mouse over it’s name and a tooltip will appear. Also, you can click the help button and it will open the DOTween documentation website.

:: Animate any almost any variable type

Color, Float, Int, Rect, String, Vector2 and Vector3

:: Animate anything

Transform, RectTransform, UI elements, Materials, Strings with rich text support and scrambling options and many more…

:: Efficient

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