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Platform Character Controller

Platform Character Controller
This asset allows you to put your character through the world you have created without the need to code. You can use it on pc or mobile platforms. Contain joystick and buttons solution for mobile. Besides that, it allows using mechanics of games like a jetpack, parachute, double jump, dash, and others. For those who like code is easy to extend and is all commented and well explained.

Behaviors included:
-Jump and double jump.
-Slow fall.
-Dash, land, and air.
-Slide over surfaces.
-Jetpack with fuel consumption.
-Zone of decrease of movements like grass or water.
-Zone of increase of movement.
-Sprint items.
-Invert controls.
-Mobile platforms.
-Push objects.
-Grab, carry and drop objects.
-Camera control.
-And more …
Include scenes to test the mechanics with examples of items and platforms.

You can see and test in the demo:
(PC Demo)

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