Plastic Case (PBR)

Download Plastic Case (PBR) Free Unity. 

Plastic Case (PBR)

Add your own logo to this case!
Customise to your heart’s content, with this easy to use material that comes with colour changing option, damage slides, and the ability to add your own mask (black and white image) or image to the top of the case. This case could be used as a custom pickup or to dress your levels.

This package contains:
– 3x Case Models (Open, Closed & Handle Up)
– 1x Customisable Material with options to make your’s unique. Plus an extra material for the inside.

How it works:
Provided is a single material (.sbsar file) with easy to use sliders and drop-down options to generate unlimited texture variants.

Customisable Material options:
-Colour Pickers for “Case Colour” and “Decal Colour”
-Roughness sliders for how shiny you want your Case and Decal.
-Wear and Tear sliders to control the amount of damage to the Case and Decal
-Drop-down menu with pre-made Decals.

Decal options include:
– No Decal
– Custom Image (you provide an Image)
– Custom Mask (you provide a Mask)
– First Aid Kit
– Stripes
– BioHazard
– Panels

The following texture maps are outputted as:
-Base Colour

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