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Planets Pack #2

Download Planets Pack #2 Free Unity. 

Planets pack #1 contains 5 highly detailed planets and 2 space backgrounds ready to use in unity 5.

Key features :
– All textures have a resolution of 8192 x 4096
– All texture sets are PBR ready.
– Custom shaders are provided for best results, which includes a planet shader, a cloud and an atmosphere shader.
– All textures are using a longitude-latitude UV set.
– The package contains all necessary textures, 4 shaders as well as a planet and a ring geometry.

The models have all been tested in DX9, DX11 mode (Shader models 3 and 5) and in the webplayer.

Video showcase :
A preview of all planets captured in unity can been seen here. The captured scene is using some post effects, like SE Natural Bloom & Dirty lens, which is highly recommanded.