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Pizza Shop Interior Exterior Kit

Download Pizza Shop Interior Exterior Kit FREE Unity. 

Soja Exiles proudly presents a NY Style Pizza and Build Kit Asset Package. This asset contains over 200 prefabs. A few good old fashion Pizzas, a large number of props, furniture, 6 exterior textures and 12 interior textures to create your own unique shop.

Includes a 5 scene with 4 completed structures, and scene to showcase all the assets. Scenes have FPS Controls to walk around and view the package. The Pizzas are already sliced and can be pulled apart.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to eat the pizza off your screen.

• 4 Pizza Pie Variations (toppings with the option to separate)
◦ Tomato
◦ Plain Cheese
◦ Pepperoni
◦ Onions and Peppers

Textures (usable with the build kit)
• 6 Exteriors
◦ 3 Walls
◦ 3 Roofs

• 12 Interior
◦ 4 Walls
◦ 4 Ceilings
◦ 4 Floors

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