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✔️ Instantaneous Conversion of 3D Animation to 2D

✔️ Reacts to Real-Time 2D Lighting in URP

✔️ Normal Map reacts to 3D Real-Time Lighting

✔️ Live Pixelated Preview Before Export

✔️ Export Animations in any Resolution

✔️ Full Control Over Animation Frame Rate

✔️ Flexible Interface

✔️ Active Support and Constant Updates

⭐What is The Development Looking Like?⭐

We develop tools for Unity, but we mainly are game devs. Pixelate started as a plugin built by us for us so we could make games more efficiently, so you can be sure that the plugin will keep on improving: we also benefit from it 🙂

Check out the detail and buy a license from the Unity Asset Store:

Download pixelate Free Unity Asset

Download For Free Server 1 v1.04DOWNLOAD

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