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Pixel-Perfect Dynamic

Download Pixel-Perfect Dynamic FREE Unity. 

PIXEL-PERFECT DYNAMIC TEXT using Unity’s dynamic font support, and no need to preprocess font textures!
★Works with Unity 2019, 2018, 2017, Unity 5 and 4.2-4.7!★

This asset has its own niche:
• it is meant for displaying pixel-perfect text (“crisp anti-aliasing”),
• camera-facing text (even when camera has free orientation in 3D),
• with size & position defined in world units (not in some “custom UI scale” or so).

When comparing Pixel-Perfect Dynamic Text (PPDT) to Unity’s built-in text components:
• “PPDT” is sharp with crisp anti-aliasing like the really old legacy built-in GUIText. (GUIText is from early days of Unity, many of you probably don’t even know what that is or was, but the text it rendered was nice and crisp).
• “PPDT” text is part of the 3D scene, in similar way as classic Text Mesh (which is also known as “3D Text”). But “PPDT” looks better than Text Mesh.
• No Canvas or Canvas Renderer is needed. “PPDT” is not part of the Unity’s UI system. The text is rendered by the regular Mesh Renderer component instead.

Pixel-Perfect Dynamic Text website has an interactive demo, a downloadable “Lorem Ipsum”-demo version for evaluation, and a lot more info. You can also view presentation of the demo in YouTube.

Pixel-Perfect Dynamic Text component is an alternative to Text Mesh (a.k.a. 3D Text in Unity). Both the text position and size are defined in world units. But instead of using a static texture size for the character, Dynamic Text adjusts itself to nearest matching pixel size so that it looks sharp, and even snaps position to nearest pixel boundary for maximum quality.