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Create amazing pixel characters with Pixel Heroes Editor! How does it work? Just build characters in our editor and save animation sprite sheets. Do you want to build characters on the fly, at runtime? No problem, use our character builder script! Wanna use our charactrers with different game engines? Yes, just make PNG sprite sheets and import in other software!

Are you looking for monsters? Try our Pixel Monsters Animated (Pack #1). Need tiles for building levels? We’re working on our tile engine as well, please wait a bit)

● Character editor to generate sprite sheets with 64×64 frames
● Tons of equipment, especially weapons
● Paint parts
● Animations: Idle, Ready, Walking, Running, Crawling, Climbing, Jumping, Blocking, Pushing, Attacking (Slash/Jab/Shot) and Death (watch example video)
● Unified animation controller (built-in, one for all characters)
● We use SpriteLibrary and SpriteResolver to swap skins at runtime
● Example scripts (character controls & switch)
● Service scripts (Window/Pixel Heroes/Sprite Library Setup)
● Particle examples (running and jumping dust)
● Strict palette match (ENDESGA 64)
● 8 bonus monsters: Goblin, Goblin Archer, Orc, Skeleton, Slug, Hog, Wolf, Troll
● 3 bonus containers: Barrel, Box, Chest

Tech specs:
● Unity 2020+
● Clean C# source code with comments
● Mobile friendly
● Ultimate performance
● Any platform (PC, Android, iOS, WebGL)

Quick start:
● Open CharacterEditor scene to generate characters
● Open Demo folder for demo scenes
● Refer to CharacterControls.cs to learn how to control characters
● Refer to CharacterController manual on Unity website (built-in component)
● Refer to SpriteLibrary and SpriteResolver manuals on Unity website (built-in components)
● Refer to Sprite Swap manual setup

Important notices:
● This package requires com.unity.2d.animation
● Refer to Asset Store EULA for allowed asset usage (1. Background / 1.3, 2. END-USER’s Rights and Obligations / 2.2, 3. Your Use of the Unity Asset Store / 3.8)
● The asset can’t be used for NFT projects (please contact us for Extended License)
● A platformer in the forest tileset made by Buch is used under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) license

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