Pinball Creator

Start, win, lose, pause, score, tilt, best score, multi-ball, multiplier, ball saver, extra ball, timer, kickback, skill shot. Missions: 100+ missions able to use + Module to make simply custom missions. Easily customise your game illustrations (playfield, cabinet, bed, table mechanics …)LCD Screen: Play animation, show the score, ball, timer.Camera system:

four-game reads + one plunger view + 1 demo playfield view.Led animation system: produce your own LED animation.UI Menu: Play, pause, modification camera, come back to the main menu. Toy animation system sound fx and music enclosed: 90+ sound fx + one music demo game embody

Complete documentation
Optimize mobile models
Mesh combiner script to optimize framerate
Mobile bit UI
Close up camera + optimize camera system
Lightmap prepared
Optimize materials
Mobile lighting presets
And more…

Check out the details and buy a license on the Unity Asset Store:

Now download Pinball Creator FREE Unity

Download For Free Server 1 2.0.1Download
Download For Free Server 2 2.0.1Download
Download For Free Server 3 2.0.1Download

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